Sioux Falls Social Singles is a singles group in Sioux Falls, SD for men and women over 50

Our mission

Our primary mission is to help members build a network of friends of similar age. Folks who are newly divorced or widowed, those new to the area, or who just want a reason to get out, enjoy making new friends via Sioux Falls Social Singles. We are NOT a dating service, but do not discourage individuals to respectfully find a connection within the group.

Our primary functions are our weekly Friday night dinners at various local restaurants. Typically, 20 to 25 folks attend these dinners. We also host Sunday afternoon coffees at a local coffee shop. We hold potlucks several times per year, typically for Halloween, Christmas, Super Bowl, and a summer picnic at a park. We coordinate birthday greetings and get well wishes for members, and have a Facebook group.

We also schedule outside activities such as bowling, tubing, kayaking, or limo Christmas light tours. Every month we email a newsletter of news, upcoming restaurant dinner locations, plus other group activities as well as local public events of potential interest to the members.

Our Members

Any single person over 50 is welcome to join. Our group consists of about 50 members, most between 50 and 70. Annual membership dues are currently a nominal $15 per year. Our dues defray costs for group-subsidized activities such as a meal for the annual meeting, or fried chicken for a potluck.

Prospective members can attend a handful of events to gauge the group’s dynamics, before paying their dues. Attendees pay for their own meals and other events. We always welcome new members.